Ford Courier Mazda WLT Cylinder Heads

Ford Courier WLT Cylinder Heads

Ford Courier and Mazda B2500 WLT 25L Complete Cylinder Head with The Head Gasket Set and Head Bolts

Engine Parts
Assembled Cylinder Heads for Ford and Mazda WL with New Camshaft, Valves, Springs and Rockers.

Our new Courier WLT 12v Cylinder Head Kits are assembled and complete with the camshaft, rockers, and valves fitted, plus the Vrs head gasket set, including the head gasket and new bolts.
The gasket set includes a cylinder head gasket, rocker cover gasket, manifold gaskets, injector washers, plus miscellaneous gaskets as required.
This head is complete, assembled in Australia, and ready to bolt on.
It Fits Ford Courier 1996-2006, Along with Mazda B2500, E2500, and T2500 1996-2006

We supply engine parts such as bearings, rings, and related components.
Please provide us with your specific requirements so that we can better assist you.

Free delivery to major cities and metropolitan areas within the mainland. 

Ford Courier Mazda B2500 cylinder head with valves fitted and head gasket set
A new cylinder head with valves and a head gasket set is sold as an exchange unit for $750


Ford Courier Mazda B2500 complete assembled cylinder head
Complete assembled cylinder head kit with head gasket set and head bolts available for $1120


Courier and Mazda WLT 25L vrs head gasket set
Cylinder Head Gasket Set $219


Ford Courier Mazda B2500 E2500 WLT Vrs Head Gasket Set with head bolts
Cylinder Head Gasket Set With The Head Bolts $258


Engine Parts.

Plus Del
Camshaft $160.00
Cylinder head bolt set. $65.00
Engine gasket set $370.00
Glow Plug $24.00 ea
Timing Belt. $91.00
Timing Belt Kit with the tensioner. $120.00
Conrod bearing set $68.00
Main bearing set $96.00
Crankshaft thrust washers $26.00
Piston ring set $152.00
Piston set $593.00