Ford Courier WLT Cylinder Heads

Ford Courier WLT Cylinder Heads
New Complete Cylinder Heads, timing belts,  head gasket set, head bolts.

To suit
Ford Courier 1996 – 2006
Mazda B2500, Bravo B2500, E2500, T2500 1996-2006

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Ford Courier 1996-2006 WLT 12 Valve Diesel Engine parts
The timing belt kit, Fits all models.



Head Bolts Set Ford CourierHead Bolt Set, Fits all models.


Ford Courier WLT Vrs Head Gasket Set -bVrs Head Gasket set, Fits all models.



Vrs Gasket Set with Head Bolts Ford Courier WLT Vrs Head Gasket Set with Head Bolts.
SKU VRS268/510


Complete Assembled Cylinder Head Ford Courier Mazda B2500 WLTCourier Mazda B2500 E2500 2.5 Ltr  New Complete Cylinder Head. This kit includes a new cylinder head, 12 new valves, camshaft, head gasket set, and head bolts.

Includes installed valves, camshaft, and rockers.




 Special $1145.00.

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