Ford Ranger PX P4AT 2.2 Cylinder Head 

Ford Ranger PX P4AT 2.2 Cylinder Head

P4AT Cylinder Head

Head Gasket Set, Head Bolts

New P4AT Duratorq 2.2 Cylinder Head that is suitable for Ford Ranger PX 2011 onwards and Mazda BT50 2011 onwards Duratorq 2.2 Ltr P4AT diesel engine.

Our services include supplying cylinder heads, gasket sets, head bolts, workshop services, and engine parts.

However, please note that the camshafts and rockers are not included.
Our heads are sold outright, which means that no exchange or deposit is required; we do not need you to send us your old head or parts.

Free delivery to major cities and metropolitan areas within the mainland.

P4AT Cylinder Head
Ford Ranger PX P4AT Bare Cylinder Head“A new bare cylinder head that has been installed with valve seats and guides.” $994.00


Mazda BT50 P4AT New Cylinder Head with Valves FittedThis cylinder head is for New Ranger PX, P4AT 2.2L models made in 2011 or later. $1690.00

It has 16 valves, valve springs and a Vrs gasket set with the head gasket and head bolt set with torque sequence and tensions.
However, please note that the package does not include camshafts and rockers.
Nil stock item please phone John on 0406611288 to check availability.

Head Gasket Set, Head Bolts
Ford Ranger PX P4AT Head Gasket SetHead Gasket Kit $360.00

Includes three notch Head Gasket and other gaskets required for head gasket replacement.

Please note that this set does not include the injector tube seals.

Cylinder head bolts are single-use and should be replaced.

Ford Ranger PX Mazda BT50 P4AT Cylinder Head BoltsCylinder Head Bolt Set  $84.00