Ford TB42 Cylinder Head

Patrol TB42 Cylinder Head

  • Ford TB42 Cylinder Head

Fits Ford Maverick Models:

  •  1988 – 1993 with 4.2 Ltr TB42 Petrol engine


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  • New cylinder heads sold outright saving the cost of return freight

Other Products in Stock:

  • Cylinder kits
  • Vrs gasket sets
  • Cylinder Head bolts

Other Products we can get:

  • Water pumps
  • Thermostats
  • Timing belts and timing belt kits
  • Engine reconditioning kits
  • Engine valves and other engine parts


Ford Maverick 4.2 Ltr Petrol EnginePrice


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Midland Cylinder Heads tick of approval
Machine the Cylinder Head FaceFrom $70.00
In Our Work Shop
Recondition your cylinder headFrom $390.00
In Our Work Shop
Cylinder Head Bolt Set, part number NHBS093$67.20 
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Vrs Cylinder Head Gasket set, part number XV2019K$128.00
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New Bare TB42 cylinder head$1026.00
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 New cylinder head, Vrs head gasket set, 12 new valves and  cylinder head bolts. Part Number  CHKNITB42XXX1
( please note the valves are not fitted. )
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