Ford TB42 Cylinder Head

Ford TB42 Cylinder Head Cylinder Head Gasket Set

Quality Replacement cylinder heads, gaskets, head gasket kits, head bolt sets, etc, for Ford TB42 vehicles.
Ford cylinder head reconditioning, head skimming and engine parts.
Delivery via Australia Post Express $14.25 does not apply to cylinder heads.
Ford TB42 cylinder headFord TB42 Cylinder Head





Maverick Petrol TB42
Recondition your cylinder head $429.00
New cylinder head without valves or springs $960.00
New cylinder head with gasket set, valves and head bolt set. Valves not fitted. $1110.00
We can fit valves and springs in our workshop for $112.00
Cylinder Head Gasket Set Part number DZ260 $122.0
Head Bolt Set Part number NHBS093 $54.00
For engine kits or to enquire about other parts phone John 0406611288  Mobiles Tap Here
Delivery Australia Post Express $14.25