Ford WLC Cylinder Head + Engine Parts

New WLC Cylinder Head
Diesel 2.5Ltr 4 cylinder 16 valve DOHC.
Brand New Bare Ford WLC cylinder Heads also Complete and Assembled Cylinder Head Kits to suit Ford Ranger PJ and PK 2006 on.Replacement cylinder heads, head gaskets, vrs gasket kits, head bolt sets, inlet valves, exhaust valves and engine parts for Ford WLC Engines.
Goods will be dispatched from the nearest warehouse that has stock.
We sell high quality aftermarket cylinder heads which are sold outright – no exchange necessary saving you $$$ on return freight.
Cylinder head kits are great value, saving money over buying the parts separately.
We can assemble your new head in our licensed workshop. Fitting service available.
Delivery via Australia Post Express $14.25
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A bare cylinder head is a head without valves or cams fitted$863.00
A bare cylinder head, inlet valves, exhaust valves, vrs gasket set and head bolts, ready for you to assemble.$1125.00
New cylinder head with valves and springs fitted. Supplied with head gasket, VRS gasket set and head bolts.
Rockers and Cams not included
Armada new complete cylinder head is assembled with valves and springs, does not include cams or rockers.
Fully machined, assembled and tested in Australia.
Assemble the your new cylinder head with parts from your original head in our workshop    $256.00
Head Gasket part number NHG101    $88.60
Valve regrind gasket set part number XV3580LS includes the head gasket.    $186.00
Exhaust Valve part number EX5019    $10.60
Inlet valve part number IN5018    $9.75
Head Bolt Kit Part number NHBS181$55.60
Head Bolts
Valve Rockers part number RA1027$29.70 ea
Ford WLC and WEC rocker
Timing Belt part number T1601    $42.80
Timing Belt Idler part number NBT987    $52.00
Timing Belt Kit Inc Hydraulic tensioner part number KTBA253DA    $270.20
WLC and WEC Timing belt kit
Water Pump part number WP3250GMB    $73.85
Ford WLT WLC WEC water pump
For engine kits or to enquire about other parts phone John 0406611288  Mobiles Tap Here
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