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Hyundai Diesel Cylinder Heads and Engine Parts
Hyundai D4EB cylinder head
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Replacement cylinder heads, head gaskets, vrs gasket kits, head bolt sets, inlet valves, exhaust valves and engine parts for Hyundai Diesel Engines.
We sell high quality aftermarket heads which are sold outright – no exchange necessary saving you $$$ on return freight.
We can assemble your new head in our licensed workshop.

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Hyundai DieselHyundai Grandeur TG 2.2L D4EB DOHC 16V 11/2008-12/2011

Hyundai iLoad D4CB 2.5 Ltr DOHC 16V 2007 on

Hyundai iMax D4CB 2.5 Ltr DOHC 16V 2007 on

Hyundai DieselHyundai Santa Fe CM 2.2L D4EB DOHC Turbo EFI 2006-07

Hyundai DieselSonata NF 2.0L D4EA DOHC 16V 6/2008-12/2011

Hyundai DieselHyundai Tucson JN 2.0L D4EA DOHC 16V 1/2006-12/2011