i30 Tucson Cylinder Head Parts

Hyundai i30 and Tucson Cylinder Head Parts to suit G4GC 2.0 Ltr Engine
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i30 Tucson Cylinder Head Parts
Machine the Cylinder Head Face from $132.00
Recondition your cylinder head from $440.00
If your cylinder head has failed, bring it to us, and we will inspect it and quote on repair.
Bare Cylinder Head $881.00
Suits the heads with VCT only
Head Bolt Set. $76.20
 Vrs Head Gasket set. $260.00
Elantra 2004-2011
i30 2007-2013
Tucson 2004-2011
Fits models with variable camshaft timing.SKU HS2191
Timing Belt. $67.00
Timing Belt Kit. $198.00
Contains a new timing belt and a tensioner.SKU HYTK19
Conrod Bearings. $62.00
Piston ring set $180
Top Ring Width: 1.20mm
2nd Ring Width: 1.20mm
Oil Ring Width: 2.50mm
SKU 2C4943
Piston Set. $280.00 per set
Rings not included.
SKU 4P1062