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Jeep Cherokee Wrangler 1994-2007
Engine Type 4.0 Ltr 6 Cylinder
Recondition your your cylinder head $429.00
New cylinder head without valves or cams Etc. $1025.00
Part Number CHJEEP4LN

Valve Regrind Gasket set, from $88.00
Please note the rocker cover gasket is not included - sold separately.
1996 on Steel/Rubber rocker cover gasket $113.60
Head Bolt Set $91.40
*Reconditioning your cylinder head includes a pressure test and crack test however does not include any welding, straightening if bent or the cost of any damaged valves or valve stem seals. 
*Assembling a new head with your parts is labour only and does not include the cost of any damaged valves or valves stem seals.
*New head bolts must be used where applicable or Warranty may be void.
*All prices include GST.


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