Mitsubishi 4G64 Cylinder Head 8 Valve

Mitsubishi 4G64 Cylinder Head

Mitsubishi  4G64 Assembled Cylinder Head
Mitsubishi Express 4G64 2.4L Assembled Cylinder Head Suits rear-wheel drive only.

New bare after-market cylinder heads to suit Mitsubishi 4G64 2.4L 4cyl Engines.

Delivery Free delivery via courier or Australia Post.
New cylinder heads sold outright, saving the cost of return freight.

Free Delivery.

Express and Forklift with 2.4 ltr SOHC  4G64 8 Valve petrol engine
Machine Cylinder Head FaceMachine the face in our workshop from $132.00.
Fast Turnaround
We can recondition your cylinder head in our workshopWe can recondition your cylinder head from $330.00
If your cylinder head has failed, bring it to us, and we will inspect it and quote on repair.
Mitsubishi 4G64 Bare Cylinder Head with vrs gasket set and valves-The new bare Cylinder Head Kit is $734.00
Contains a bare cylinder head, Vrs gasket set and valves.
It suits a 4G64 Express and Forklift with an eight-valve engine.LPG compatible.
Mitsubishi 4G64 Cylinder Head With Valves FittedNew assembled cylinder head $1098.00
Supplied with valves and springs fitted. Fits Express and Forklifts, LPG compatible.
Mitsubishi 4G63- 4G64 Cylinder Head Bolts Cylinder Head Bolt Set. $58.00
There are multiple sizes; please select the correct one for your engine.
Mitsubishi 4G63 4G64 Cylinder Head Bolts 11 x 97mm

Mitsubishi 4G63 4G64 Cylinder Head Bolts 11 x 118mm
Mitsubishi 4G63 4G64 Cylinder Head Bolts 12 x 104mm
Mitsubishi 4G64 8 valve Head Gasket SetCylinder Head Gasket Set. $161.00
Suits a 4G64 Eight valve engine.