Mitsubishi 4M40 Pajero Triton Cylinder Head Complete

Compete Cylinder Head 4M40 Pajero, Triton 2.8L Diesel.
This fully assembled cylinder head comes with a camshaft, shim tappets, and gasket set, including the head gasket and cylinder head bolts.

Compatible with Delica, Pajero, and Triton., and Triton.


Delica, Pajero, Triton 4M40 2.8L Engine
Mitsubishi 4M40T Complete Cylinder Head
4M40 4M40T Complete Fully Assembled Cylinder Head with the head gasket set and head bolts

A fully assembled cylinder head with valves and pre-set shim clearances is ready to bolt on


Pajero Triton 4M40 Cylinder Head Gasket setHead Gasket Set.
Fits the  Turbo and Non-Turbo and includes the head gaskets.


Pajero Triton 4M40 Cylinder Head Gasket set with head boltsHead Gasket Set with bolts.
This package is suitable for both Turbo and Non-Turbo engines. It includes the head gasket along with the head bolts.