Ford Falcon BA BF 4.0 Litre Head Gasket Set


Ford Falcon BA BF FG 4.0 Litre Vrs Head Gasket Set
This is a Permaseal head gasket set including Steel shim head gasket and valve stem seals.
Head bolts Must be replaced.

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Ford Falcon BA BF 4.0 Litre Head Gasket Set – Includes Multi Layer Steel Head Gasket and Valve Stem Seals
Permaseal head gasket set
Fairlane BA,BAII 2002-2005/05
Falcon BA,BAII 2002-2005/05
Falcon BA,BAII XR6 2002-2005/05
Falcon BF 2005-2005/05
Falcon BF XR6 2005-2005/05
Territory SX 2004-2005
Territory SY 2005-2005/05
Fairlane BA 2005/06-2006
Fairlane BF,BFII 2005-2008
Falcon BF,BFII XR6 2005/06-2008
Falcon BF,BFII,BFIII 2005/06-2008
Falcon FG,FGII,FGX XR6 LPG 2008-2011/06
Falcon FG,FGII,FGX XT LPG 2008-2011/06
Falcon FG,FGII,FGX G6 LPG 2008-2011/06
Falcon FG,FGII,FGX G6E LPG 2008-2011/06
Territory SY,SYII 2005/06-2011
Notes Alloy Inlet Manifold
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