Toyota 1KZ-TE Complete Cylinder Head Recessed Valves

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Hilux, Prado, Surf 1KZ-TE Complete Cylinder Head is suitable for engines with pistons with two valve reliefs, ready to install.

For the 1KZ-TE 104.3mm valve length, go here.

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Toyota 1KZ-TE Complete Cylinder Head.
Fits the engines with two valve reliefs in the pistons.
A new cylinder head assembled with the valves and camshaft, valve clearances set, ready to install.
New 1KZ-TE complete cylinder head with eight new valves installed, camshaft fitted, and shim tappets set.
Vrs gasket set with quality steel shim head gasket includes rocker cover gasket, Inlet manifold gasket, Exhaust manifold gasket, and miscellaneous small gasket as required, head bolts, head tightening torque, and sequence.

It fits the following models with 103.4mm valve length with the head of the valves 1.2mm below the head face, and the pistons do not have valve reliefs.
Imported Hiace 1993 on
Hilux KZN130 (Imp) 1993-1996, Hilux KZN165 1999-2000
Hilux KZN185 (Imp) 1995-2000
Surf KZN139 1993-09/2000

All of our complete cylinder heads are assembled in our Australian workshop.
Our cylinder heads are sold outright – so no exchange is necessary, saving you $$$ on return freight.
We sell cylinder heads, engine parts, gasket sets, head bolts, and more; please Phone John.
Free Delivery.


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