Toyota 2RZ Cylinder Head

New Toyota 2RZ Cylinder Head

Brand New Bare Toyota cylinder Heads also complete cylinder heads and cylinder Head Kits to suit Toyota Hiace, engine type 2RZ 8 valve SOHC.
Replacement cylinder heads, head gaskets, vrs gasket kits, head bolt sets, inlet valves, exhaust valves and engine parts for Toyota 2RZ engines.
We sell high quality aftermarket cylinder heads which are sold outright therefore no exchange necessary saving you $$$ on return freight.
Cylinder head kits are great value, saving money over buying the parts separately.

Vrs gasket set with head bolts$154.00
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A brand new Cylinder Head. Comes with gasket set, new valves and head bolts.
Please note - the valves are not fitted.
We can assemble the new head and set your shim tappets in our workshop for $135.00
Your original head is required.
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Toyota 2RZ Assembled Cylinder Head
A brand new cylinder head with camshaft and valves fitted. Head comes supplied with gasket set and head bolts.
Ready to fit and includes head bolt sequence and tension.
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