Toyota 3RZ-FE Cylinder Head + Engine Parts

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New Toyota 3RZ-FE Cylinder Head


Brand New Bare cylinder Heads also Complete and Assembled Cylinder Head Kits to suit .
Replacement cylinder heads, gaskets, head gasket kits, head bolt sets and engine parts for Engines.

Cylinder Head Bolts

Head Bolts NHBS207


Sample head gasketCylinder Head Gasket GSS6094EL 4 Hole 1.4 thick.
Sample head gasketCylinder Head Gasket GSS6095EL 5 Hole 1.45 thick.
Mondeo sample gasket setVrs Gasket Set GSV6076NEL
Head gasket not included.

Cylinder Head

VL6051F_1 ford lifterVL6051F Lifters
Suits models with 33.40mm diameter.
VL6056F lifterVL6056F Lifters
Suits models with 34.70mm diameter.
ELR6052F_1 Roller rockersELR6052F Rockers
33692F_1 ballance chain kit3362f Ballance shaft chain kit.$189.50
Nasons Timing belt kitKT1390 Timing belt kit$169.40
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